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Technology is now more mobile than it has ever been before.  Mobile technology, though, is only as good as the apps that are developed to be used within mobile operating systems, such as Apple’s iOS.  With the many thousands of apps available on Apple’s iOS App Store, only the best developed apps with succeed.

The Mammoth Interactive iOS 8 & Swift Bootcamp, available now at BGR Deals, is the perfect way to learn Apple’s latest iOS version as well as Swift, their new app development language.  With this bootcamp, you’ll learn fundamental app development skills that will propel your work into the stratosphere of success.

The Mammoth Interactive iOS 8 & Swift Bootcamp contains more than 80 hours of elite training through 24 in-depth courses in topics such as iOS 8, Xcode 6, and Swift.  By the time the bootcamp ends, you’ll have created more than 70 iOS 8 apps and prepares you to be able to upload them to the App Store.

Best of all, anyone can take the Mammoth Interactive iOS 8 & Swift Bootcamp as both novice and experienced coders alike can excel in this subject matter.

If you’ve considered a career switch into the world of iOS app development, then this bootcamp is a must purchase.  Even if you already have experience designing mobile apps, the Mammoth Interactive iOS8 & Swift Bootcamp is a great purchase to upgrade your knowledge and ensure you stay on the leading edge of your profession.

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