As a life-long East Coaster, I am all too familiar with the perils of black ice. For those unaware, black ice is a phenomenon in which a thin layer of ice forms on top of a roadway or sidewalk. It’s called “black ice” because it’s practically invisible in the dark or in inclement weather, and not anticipating the presence of black ice leads to accidents all the time.

One such accident occurred earlier this week in Teaneck, NJ on I-95, and a driver managed to capture it on video as he narrowly escaped death.

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While stopped on the highway on Sunday, 27-year-old motorist Oleg Varavko heard a loud noise behind him while he was recording a video on his cell phone. He turned with the camera just as a massive tractor-trailer began sliding toward him uncontrollably.

As can be seen in the video, the tractor-trailer narrowly missed the man’s car as it slammed into the divider and leapt over it. Unfortunately, another motorist was not so lucky, and a small sedan that was crushed between the tractor-trailer and another concrete divider can be seen on fire toward the end of the clip, just as another vehicle makes contact with the then-stopped tractor-trailer.

Varavko said he called 911 as soon as he stopped recording, but the status of the occupants of that car is unknown.

The full video is embedded below.