We hope you’re sitting down. Can you believe that the 13,532 square-foot mansion pictured at the top of this post is on the market for $29.5 million… and it’s only the twenty-fifth most expensive home that’s currently available for sale in the United States? We recently shared a list with you covering the 25 biggest mansions for sale in America right now, but size never correlates directly with price, of course.

So today, we’re sharing a new list with you that covers the 25 most expensive homes that are currently on the market.

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If a $29.5 million estate is only the twenty-fifth priciest home for sale in the U.S. right now, how much is the most expensive mega-mansion?

It’s not this $35 million home in Corona Del Mar, CA:

It’s not this wonderful $41 million mansion in Aspen, CO:

It’s not this cozy $50 million oceanfront estate in Laguna Beach, CA:

And it’s not this understated $60 million Malibu, CA mansion:

No, as you might have assumed, the title of priciest mega-mansion on the market in the U.S. right now goes to a lovely little home in Beverly Hills, CA, which is currently priced to sell at $195 million. A bargain at twice the price!

For the full top-25 list head over to FindTheBest’s blog, which is linked below in our source section.