When Apple first announced the iPhone 6 in late 2014, some smartphone enthusiasts scoffed at the fact that Apple still “only” included 1GB of RAM in the handset. Of course, subsequent performance tests reaffirmed the fact that specs on paper never tell the whole story, and the iPhone 6 absolutely slaughtered quad-core rivals with 2GB and 3GB of RAM in several key performance tests.

Despite the fact that Apple’s iPhones are already class leaders when it comes to performance, a new report on Thursday suggests that Apple is preparing to make a huge change that will potentially have a dramatic impact on the performance of this year’s iPhone 6s.

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In each of the past couple of years, rumors leading up to the release of new iPhone versions have suggested that Apple will “finally” upgrade its iPhones with 2GB of RAM instead of 1GB. Those rumors have yet to pan out, but now a new report from Taiwan-based Tech News has made the same claim for this year’s iPhone 6s.

This year, however, things are a bit more interesting since 2014’s iPad Air 2 did in fact get a RAM upgrade to 2GB.

The new rumor claims that Apple is planning to include 2GB of cutting-edge LPDDR4 RAM in its 2015 iPhone 6s model, which would double its RAM chips’ bandwidth capabilities compared to LPDDR3 RAM.

Of course, it’s only January and Apple’s new iPhone models aren’t expected to debut until sometime this fall, so nothing can be confirmed for the time being.