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Today is the last day to get this battery saving gadget! Don’t let your mobile devices run out of juice again, grab your Limefuel before it’s gone.

Our mobile devices are awesome, liberating inventions.  Still, their batteries often leave us wanting more.  Even with only moderate daily use, most smartphones and tablets need to be recharged well before the day is over, prematurely halting our productivity.  Now your mobile devices can last all day long and more with the handy Limefuel LP200X.

The Limefuel LP200X is a mobile battery backup that can hold a massive 20,000 mAh of power.  To put that number in perspective, that’s enough power to fully recharge an iPhone 6 more than 10 times!  With the LP200X, you can go without an electrical source for days and still be able to run your device.

With such a big battery, you would think it’d be easy to lose track of when the Limefuel needs recharging.  Not so.  It has a handy charge level indicator on it so you’ll always know how much juice it has left and when you need to recharge it.  It features a built-in flashlight and comes with two USB ports so you can charge two devices at once.

The Limefuel LP200X is durably constructed with grade A Lithium-Ion battery cells and high quality circuitry that protects against electrical shorts.  It will last at least 500 charging cycles and features an automatic shut off to preserve the functionality of the device.

Stop the futility of trying to conserve your mobile device’s battery every single day.  Have all the power you need and more with the Limefuel LP200X, $34.99 with free US shipping (international shipping option also available) at BGR Deals.