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Listening to music should be an enjoyable experience every single time.  When you use headphones though, it can get frustrating when wires get in the way and limit your range of motion. Plus there’s those unfortunate tangles that make enjoying your music one giant headache.

With Bluetooth headphones you can take those nuisances out of the equation, thereby maximizing your listening experience.  Bluetooth headphones can be quite expensive but, right now and for a limited time only at BGR Deals, you can get the SPBEAT9 Active Wrap Bluetooth Headphones at just half price, which is an incredible offer.

If you live an active lifestyle, then the SPBEAT9 Active Wrap Headphones are an absolute must.  With these headphones, you can feel free to workout as hard as you can and no wires will impede your performance.  There’s no worry about the headphones falling out as you go either, as their rigid, wrap-around design allows them to stay securely in place.

The SPBEAT9 Active Wrap Headphones provide 8 hours of continuous playback with their built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.  They possess noise-cancelling technology, and will pair to almost any device that is equipped with Bluetooth.  Plus, they have a built-in microphone so you can take calls when paired with a smartphone.

You take your active pursuits seriously.  Take your listening enjoyment while exercising just as seriously with the SPBEAT9 Active Wrap Bluetooth Headphones, only $24 with free international shipping at BGR Deals.