Giant great rooms… tennis courts… winding staircases… koi ponds… indoor bowling alleys… impeccably manicured grounds… wine cellars the size of your living room… who doesn’t enjoy gawking at multi-million dollar estates from time to time? We’ve shown you some pretty big mansions in the past here on BGR, but FindTheBest recently took a look at the 25 largest homes currently for sale in the United States, and you won’t believe the size of some of these mansions.

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Beginning with a nice quaint 15,500 square-foot estate in Beverly Hills, California, FindTheBest takes you through just over two dozen of the most massive homes currently on the market. Of course, these mega-mansions are also equipped with amenities that most of us will never enjoy in our own houses, so it’s fun to take a look at how creative and refined these monster estates are getting.

In terms of price range, even the cheapest mansion on the list reaches into the double-digit millions, and the priciest home on the list — a comparatively tiny mansion in Naples, Florida — will set you back nearly $70 million.

A few images from the list can be seen below and the rest of the listings can be found in the original post, which is linked down in our source section.







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