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Quadcopter drones are a lot of fun, end of story.  They are even more fun if they have the ability to take in-flight photographs and video.  The problem is that drones that have those kind of capabilities are often ridiculously expensive, putting them out of the economic range of most people.  By contrast, the limited edition Code Black Drone, which can be pre-ordered at BGR Deals for a limited time, is sleek and sexy looking, comes with a camera, and costs under $100.

The limited edition Code Black Drone is the quadcopter for everyone.  It’s easy for anyone to fly regardless of skill level due to its beginner and expert flight modes.  You pick the mode to match your own ability!

With this quadcopter, you’ll experience smooth flying every time.  It is equipped with a 6-axis flight control system which ensures a stable flight even when attempting daring flips and stunts.

Best of all, the limited edition Code Black Drone comes with a high definition camera for taking incredibly detailed and vibrant aerial photography and videos that will enhance your flying experience.  Plus, if you are into recording family events, this quadcopter will give you an interesting new perspective from which to take your footage.

At about the size of your palm, the limited edition Code Black Drone is so small that it’s easy to transport and store.  It offers a generous 7 minutes of flight time for every 30-40 minutes of charge.

Take to the air with the sleek, matte black, and easy to fly limited edition Code Black Drone with high definition camera, available now to pre-order for only $89 with free US shipping (international option also available) at BGR Deals.