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It is high time for a revolution in interior lighting.  Conventional incandescent light bulbs are power guzzling and boring contraptions whose day in the sun is coming to a close.  Even compact fluorescent bulbs cannot compete with the features of the newest LED lighting technology.  That new lighting technology is the iLumi LED Smartbulb, available now at BGR Deals for a limited time.

The iLumi LED Smartbulb is a light bulb like no other.  It provides the user with a level of customization never before experienced with any previous bulb type.  All you do is pair the iLumi to any device equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and you are ready to rock your interior lighting world.

Feel like lighting your living room in blue colored light?  You can do that with the iLumi LED Smartbulb.  In fact, the iLumi can light a room in any shade of any color and at any brightness level you like, providing a wide range of lighting options.  But the vast array of features of the iLumi don’t stop there.

Going away on vacation?  Just program your iLumi to turn on at any desired time to make it look like someone is home.  If you have multiple iLumi LED Smartbulbs, you can program each of them to turn on independently at various times for a realistic looking human presence.

Having a party?  Sync your iLumi to your music and put your celebration into overdrive by pulsing your interior lighting to the beat of the music.  The next morning, wake up naturally by setting the iLumi to mimic a sunrise.

If you are trying to reduce your energy usage, the iLumi is also a smart purchase:  It has built in sensors that will activate the light when someone enters a room and then intelligently turns it off when that person leaves.  Plus, with a lifespan of up to 20 years, the iLumi LED Smartbulb is probably one of the most green purchases you could make this year for under $100.

Backed by the famous Dallas billionaire Mark Cuban, you can rest assured that the iLumi is a well built product that will provide you with many years of faithful service.  Get your iLumi LED Smartbulb for just $79 with free US shipping at BGR Deals today.