Hackers may have tried to prevent Sony Pictures from releasing The Interview, a controversial comedy depicting a fictional assassination attempt on North Korea’s leader, but the company eventually launched it in select theaters while also making the movie available for streaming on Google Play, YouTube, Xbox and iTunes. The movie studio announced record sales for the movie, and onnow it expanded The Interview’s availability, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

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Sony has inked deals with various companies including Bright House Networks, Comcast, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Cablevision, AT&T U-verse TV, Verizon FiOS, DirectTV and VUDU.

Most notably, Sony will also expand the release of The Interview to PlayStation, which was left out of the original launch — admittedly, Sony made the movie available on its official web page.

Interested customers will be able to rent the movie for just $5.99 on all these services, or purchase it for $14.99 (but only on Verizon or Vudu).

Other online streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video are yet to include The Interview in their catalogs.