Smartphones have increasingly become more and more similar over the years, as manufacturers have had difficulty finding new ways to offer users unique capabilities. Bigger screens with increased resolutions, faster processors, cameras with more megapixels, biometric sensors and increased battery life are some of the things handset makers constantly try to improve, though most devices still share many common characteristics.

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Maybe that’s why, going into another year that promises even more powerful smartphones, xkcd has come up with a render of a “phone for your other hand.”

The xkcd Phone 2 offers many hilarious features, including a MaxHD resolution screen, an always-on speaker, a dog noticer, a scroll lock button, a coin slot, a bug drawer, a blood pressure reliever and an auto-rotating case.

The phone also offers volume and density controls, a Fitbit fitness evaluator, a cheek toucher, and it’s built from 3D materials and features a waterproof interior. The phone runs an operating system by Stackoverflow, and cries if lost.

xkcd’s humorous Phone 2 smartphone comic follows below.

xkcd-phone-2Image Source: xkcd