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Every new year, countless people make resolutions to lose weight and get fit.  Most give up on those resolutions within a few weeks, most likely because they don’t have the correct equipment to assist them.  The Striiv Fusion smartwatch, available at BGR Deals, is the economical way to track your fitness so you stay on target all year long.

With the stylish Striiv Fusion, you can track how many steps you’ve taken, your calories burned, the distance you have traveled, and the number of minutes you’ve been active.  Plus, it tracks your health at night and gives you practical data in regards to the duration and quality of the sleep you get.

The Striiv Fusion is more than just an amazing fitness tracker.  It’s also a stylish timepiece and it pairs with your compatible smartphone to make your communications more convenient.  If you have an iPhone with iOS 7 and above or a device with Android 4.3 or better, you can get information about your text messages, emails, incoming calls, weather notifications, and more right on your wrist.

This smart watch comes with 3 bands, each a different color, to change the appearance of your Striiv Fusion to suit your particular style.  The bands are constructed with durability in mind and come with a stainless steel clasp to ensure your Striiv stays on your wrist where it belongs.

Best of all, the price of the Striiv Fusion is just a fraction of what other similar fitness smart watches sell for.  Start 2015 off right with the Striiv Fusion Smartwatch, just $54.99 with free US shipping at BGR Deals for a short while only.