This is New York City like you’ve never seen it before, and it was photographed by two men who are insane. Of course, we can’t state conclusively that Ukranian photographer Vitaliy Raskalov and Russian photographer Vadim Makhorov are indeed clinically insane, but you’d have to be crazy to sit on the edges of skyscrapers and shoot the city below.

That’s exactly what this pair of thrill-seeking photographers did, though… and the results are positively breathtaking.

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Via The Roosevelts, Raskalov and Makhorov recently compiled dozens of jaw-dropping photos of New York City and posted them to their website, Ontheroofs. Why is it called “Ontheroofs?” You guessed it — it’s because this daring pair of photographers take sky-high aerial photos while sitting on the roofs of skyscrapers… without any safety gear.

Crazy though it may be, the results are incredible. A few of their shots follow below and the rest can be see on their site, which is linked down in the source section.