I thought I hit all the major points when I reviewed the iPhone 6 back in September, but there was apparently one burning question that I left unanswered: what happens to an iPhone 6 when you boil it in Coca-Cola? I’m not quite sure how I let that obvious question slip through the cracks, but I’m making it right today by sharing a ridiculous video that will show you exactly what happens when a shiny new iPhone is submerged in a pot of boiling Coke.

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Via TIME, YouTube user TechRax recently found himself wondering how an iPhone 6 will respond if you boil it in Coca-Cola. What might have even put that question in his head? We’ll probably never know the answer to that question.

To be fair though, plenty of people must have been wondering the same thing since the video has now been viewed nearly 2.9 million times.

The entire video is embedded below and I won’t spoil the fun, but I will say that my favorite part is when the iPhone 6 starts billowing smoke in TechRax’s face.