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It is quite likely that every household has at least one ‘power bar’ to plug in all of their electronics.  Power bars are long, ugly, and oftentimes expensive contraptions that, while useful, can also be a pain in the neck when large electrical plugs won’t fit into the small spaces they afford.

The PowerCube Outlet Expander, by contrast, does the same job as a power bar, but does so much more elegantly, is stylish, and is available at BGR Deals for a fraction of the price of most power bars.

The cube shaped PowerCube Outlet Expander makes it easy to plug in all of your electronics regardless of the size of the electrical plug.  Plus, it features dual USB ports so you can plug your mobile phones and tablets directly into it for charging.

One of the main selling features of traditional power bars is that they protect your electronics from electrical overload.  The PowerCube has you covered here too:  It features a resettable fuse that ignites if you exceed 15amps, protecting your most valuable investments from surges and overloads.

Where the PowerCube really excels is in the beauty of its design.  While power bars are large, awkward, and sit on the floor collecting dust, the PowerCube is small, elegant, and looks as comfortable plugged directly into a wall outlet as it does sitting on your desktop.

The original blue PowerCube Outlet Expander is just $17.95 with free US shipping for a limited time at BGR Deals.  An extended grey PowerCube is also available for $22.50 with free US shipping.  Choose the PowerCube that best suits you and your needs.