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Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen first hand what can happen when corporations are the victim of internet hacking.  Sony has had the private emails of high ranking employees leaked, damaging reputations and hurting business prospects.  Plus, a scheduled film due to release soon has also been cancelled due to the threat of further action.

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A VPN is a virtual private network which allows you to encrypt your data and hide information about your identity from those with less than honorable ambitions.  Any time you are online, your data passes through the VPN before to goes anywhere else, offering you full scale protection.

Plus, when you have a VPN like the one offered with the VPN Unlimited Premium Plan, you can unblock geo-restricted web content.  Wish you could view the offerings Netflix has in Great Britain?  Just set your VPN to that location and Bob’s your uncle.

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The White Hat Hacker Bundle contains 6 professional level video courses that will teach you everything you need to know about web security, from the basics to advanced concepts.

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So many websites, so many passwords. These days we are expected to remember a ton of passwords for various applications. Plus, they are necessarily becoming more and more complex, and they need to be changed at regular intervals.  Who can remember all of them?  Almost no one. Enter Sticky Password Premium to solve this modern problem.

With Sticky Password Premium, you can put all of your passwords and frequently entered form data in one place. Your data is either saved securely to the cloud or on a local drive: It’s up to you.  Sticky Password is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, so chances are it’ll work for you.

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