Remember that string of companies like that popped up in the late 1990s and offered same-day delivery service on thousands of items? The cost of running those operations quickly put them all out of business, but thin margins are Amazon’s specialty and the company just launched a service that puts those old companies to shame.

It’s called Prime Now, and it offers delivery of your order within one hour.

Powered by Amazon’s “growing network of fulfillment centers,” Prime Now will not be an option for all of the items for sale on the website, of course. Instead, Amazon Prime subscribers can download the Prime Now Android app from the Amazon Appstore and order any of the products available within the app.

Then, deliveries will be made within one hour for a $7.99 delivery fee, or within two hours for free. Users can select their preferred delivery option when placing orders.

For the time being, the service is only available to Amazon Prime subscribers in Manhattan, but Amazon will look to expand the service elsewhere in the future.

A video that explains the basics is embedded below.

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