Did you know that wizards in Middle Earth are actually low-level guardian angels? Or that even though hobbits are the same size as dwarves, they’re actually a subspecies of humans? Or that men and elves both hold a special place in The Lord of the Rings because they are the only two species of sentient creatures created by the supreme god Eru Ilúvatar?

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If not, then you should definitely check out a terrific video posted by YouTube user CGP Grey, who narrates an incredibly concise five-minute primer on the mythology behind Tolkien’s classic fantasy epics. Among other things, you’ll learn the major pantheon of gods, the origins of Sauron and how orcs were first made.

The video is a must for any fan of the series, and especially for those who don’t want to slog through Tolkien’s own book of mythology called The Silmarillion. Check out the full thing below.