Apple is not an easy company to work for and it’s also not an easy company to get hired by — just ask engineer Jeremy Foo, who finally got hired by Apple after trying to get a job there for the past four years.

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Via Business Insider, Foo recently wrote on Medium about his experience getting hired by the company and it seems to show that its standards are still insanely high for the people whom it brings aboard its team. In the first place, it seems that Apple’s recruiters have no qualms about bashing your work Steve Jobs-style when they ask you to show off your coding skills.

“The code review was brutal,” he writes. “The author of UITableView eviscerated every decision I made in the design of that piece of work. It was pretty obvious that at that moment, everything was a bust. What I also did realize was also how high the bar was and that I had a lot of work to do.”

That was four years ago and over that time Foo tirelessly worked to improve his coding skills for both open-source and complex systems. He said that he’s learned so much over the past four years that he came to understand why Apple had been so brutal when looking at his earlier work.

“Looking back at my old code made me absolutely nauseous,” he explains.

There’s a happy ending to the story, of course, as Foo did get hired eventually after jumping through several more hoops. Check out his full story at the source link below.

UPDATE: It looks as though the author has now deleted his post at Medium. Given how much Apple values secrecy, we can’t say we’re surprised.

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