Just going to your favorite movie theater to watch a new release with your friends or family isn’t cool enough, Ikea Russia apparently believes, so the company figured out a way to significantly improve your whole movie experience. Sure, Ikea had to promote some of its furniture in the process — after all, that’s its bread and butter — but the company still managed to make movies a lot better in the kind of cinema it imagined.

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For a week, Ikea Russia offered moviegoers in Khimki, Russia a completely new movie watching experience, Design Taxi reported. The company has refurbished a cinema hall into a huge bedroom, filled with plenty of beds and other Ikea furniture.

After buying their tickets, moviegoers have soon discovered the surprise waiting for them inside: fully-functional beds replacing boring seats, waiting to offer them a more than comfortable movie-watching experience.

A video showing this particular Ikea publicity stunt follows below.