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We’ve all done it:  Attempt to use a mobile device that is short on battery life while it’s charging with a cable that’s even shorter.  This invariably leads to sore necks, headaches, and over-stretched charging cables.

Now you can get the range of motion you need to comfortably use your device while it’s charging with The 6 Ft. iOS and Micro-USB Charging Cable, half price for a limited time at BGR Deals.

Wall sockets and USB ports are not always in close proximity with furniture, causing users to get creative if they want to continue using their device while charging.  The 6 Ft. iOS and Micro-USB Charging Cable offers more than enough room so users can charge their device and sit comfortably pretty much anywhere they choose. Gone are the days when we worried about breaking charging cables by overstretching them!

This cable works with any device that uses a Micro-USB port for charging, such as Android devices, and it also works with any Apple iOS device that uses a Lightning connector.  In fact, the 6 Ft. iOS and Micro-USB Charging Cable is MFi-Certified so you know it’s a quality addition to your recharging arsenal.

Quit charging your mobile device with unreasonably short cables. Get comfortable with The 6 Ft. iOS and Micro-USB Charging Cable, only $21.00 with free US shipping (international option also available) at BGR Deals for a limited time.