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With BGR Deals’ Golden Apple Giveaway you could have a chance to win a brand new iPhone 6 and an iPad Air 2 with a combined value of $1,150.  Plus, the prizes offered in this contest aren’t just your run of the mill iOS products – both the iPhone and iPad will be awarded in the prestigious color of gold!

The winner of The Golden Apple Giveaway will instantly be the envy of their family, friends, and colleagues.  Imagine being in a meeting at work and pulling out your gold iPad with which to take notes.  Can you say ‘promotion’?  Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but still you’d get a lot of ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s, which is awesome in of itself.

The iPad Air 2 is Apple’s newest entry into its popular and trendsetting iPad lineup.  It features a 10” retina display and comes equipped with iOS 8, Apple’s new mobile platform.  The iPhone 6, with a 4.7” diagonal screen size, is larger than any iPhone model made before it.  It also comes with iOS 8, and has a wide variety of apps available for it for pretty much any need.

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