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In case you didn’t already know, your smartphone has a built in camera.  Smartphone cameras have improved immensely over the past few years to the point that their resolution and optics rival those of cameras used by professional photographers.  Even still, smartphones really are only suitable for taking simple point and shoot pictures.. until now.

Introducing the versatile 3-In-1 Mobile Lens Kit, available at BGR Deals for a limited time at a savings of 63% off the regular retail price.

The 3-In-1 Mobile Lens Kit turns your simple and bland smartphone camera into a professional level photography studio.  With the three included lenses the photographic possibilities are almost limitless.

With the macro lens you’ll be able to take extreme closeup shots that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to take with a point and shoot camera.  The wide angle lens allows you to capture the timeless beauty of landscapes.  And the fish eye lens makes it easy to take stylish 180 degree pictures that capture all of the action.

Each lens attaches to your phone with a magnetic ring.  To change lenses, simply remove from the magnetic ring and replace it with another.  The 3-In-1 Mobile Lens Kit works with Apple iPhones 4/4s/5/5s/5c/6/6+, Android devices, iPads, and iPods.

This lens kit would make a perfect gift for the smartphone photographer in your life.  Give them the 3-In-1 Mobile Lens Kit, which is just $24.99 with free US shipping (international option available) at BGR Deals.