After revealing in an in-depth feature how Apple’s iTunes security protocols work after a user enables two-factor authentication, The Next Web’s Owen Williams has published a quick guide on replacing a lost recovery key that you should check out right away, especially if you don’t remember what you did with yours.

FROM EARLIER: Apple’s two-factor authentication on iTunes can easily turn into your worst nightmare

In short, recovery keys are important for Apple ID accounts, as they’re the only way to get back into a two-factor authentication-protected account that’s been temporarily blocked following a login attempt from a third party. That’s what happened to Williams, who almost had to give up trying to regain access to his Apple ID after failing to find his unique recovery key, which Apple can’t replace via its customer service support.

In order to replace a lost recovery key, a user has to go, verify his or her identity, and replace the recovery key from the security section — the full guide for replacing your recover key is available at the link in the source section below.