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Apple builds some of the best mobile devices on the planet.  The iPhone, iPad, and iPod were all built to perfection and designed with the end user experience in mind.  They are pretty well perfect in every regard, except for one thing:  The supplied Lightning cable for charging is ridiculously short!  Now, you can solve this imperfection with the impressively long 10 Foot MFi-Certified iOS Lightning Cable, half price for a limited time at BGR Deals.

What do you do if your device is low on battery?  Just plug it in and continue using it as normal.  If your charging cable is too short, however, this becomes difficult and uncomfortable.  Wall outlets are not always placed in convenient proximity to your favorite chair and, while you could plug into a USB port and sit at your computer, that kind of defeats the purpose of having a mobile device in the first place.

With The 10 Foot MFi Certified iOS Lightning Cable, you’ll be free to charge your device and comfortably use it pretty well anywhere you please.  Plug one end into your wall charger, the other into your iOS device, and you are good to go.

The 10 Foot MFi Certified iOS Lightning Cable is compatible with Apple’s newest iOS devices such as the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2, but also with any other iOS device that is equipped with a Lightning connector.

The perfect gift for the iOS device owner on your list, the 10 Foot MFi-Certified iOS Lightning Cable is just $18.99 with free US shipping (international option also available) at BGR Deals for a limited time only.