Aviation industry experts at NATS have created an awesome time-lapse visualization of Transatlantic air traffic over a period of 24 hours, condensing all the flights during a single day in August 2013 into a 2-minute video.

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“Every day between two and three thousand aircraft fly across the North Atlantic, with the U.K. – and NATS – acting as the gateway to Europe,” the company wrote on its blog. “Up to 80% of all Oceanic traffic passes through the Shanwick Oceanic Control Area (OCA), which is airspace controlled by the United Kingdom. With this in mind, we created a data visualisation showing a day of traffic from August last year and the oceanic airspace structures that help to make it all work.”

NATS further said that on a typical summer day, it handles some 1,400 flights across the North East Atlantic, covering 700,000 square miles of sky.

The full time-lapse video, showing 2,524 flights from that August day, follows below. More details about NATS air travel operations are available at the source link.