It’s been all but impossible to buy a Nexus 6 since launch, but there’s good news for the lucky few who have. According to Android Police, the first wave of orders have begun shipping, indicating that customers will receive their phones within the next week.

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Oddly, the orders don’t seem to be coming from inside the United States. Instead, the shipment confirmations show that Google is actually shipping the phones directly from their point of origin in Shenzhen, China. This is very uncommon, but considering how backed up production appears to be, it makes sense.

So if you thought the carriers were just hoarding all the Nexus 6’s, this is pretty solid proof that they haven’t even gotten their own shipments in yet.

Google is sporadically putting up more inventory on the Play Store every week, but it’s beginning to look like most Nexus fans are going to have to wait to get their hands on the phone. In the meantime, stay vigilant — the Nexus 6 stock will continue to trickle out for the rest of the holiday season.