iOS 8 adoption hasn’t been stellar for Apple, compared to the previous iOS version, but the company has published new iOS distribution numbers on its developers portal, revealing that 56% of iOS devices talking to the App Store have iOS 8 installed, according to data measured on November 10th.

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iOS 7 is still found on 40% of devices, with earlier iOS versions accounting for 5% of active iOS devices — strangely enough, when adding these up, you’d get 101% rather than the expected 100%.

Various performance issues might have negatively affected iOS 8 upgrades, with one particular “bug” preventing some iOS 7 users from jumping to iOS 8 — the high storage requirement for installing the update over-the-air (OTA).

Even so, iOS 8 adoption is growing, MacRumors points out. iOS 8 installation numbers have increased by 8% in the past month. At Apple’s iPad event in mid-October, Apple CEO Tim Cook said iOS 8 was installed on 48% of devices according to data measured on October 13, after hitting 46% on September 21.

Apple is expected to soon launch iOS 8.1.1, an iOS 8 update that should improve performance on older devices, such as iPad 2 and iPhone 4s, which could further help Apple increase iOS 8 adoption.

Apple’s graph showing its current iOS stats follows below.