Steve Jobs lived a fascinating life, one which has been documented repeatedly by writers and filmmakers since his passing, but despite all the stories and all the footage which has already been released, there are still artifacts from Jobs’ life which have yet to be uncovered. Nearly thirty years ago, when Steve Jobs was let go from Apple, he started a new company: NeXT Computer.

He gave Doug Menuez, a documentary photographer, unlimited access to the company. Thirty years later, Menuez wrote a book about his experience.

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The book, Fearless Genius, was released over the summer, but earlier this week, Menuez started publishing posts on Storehouse which recount some of the book’s key moments. Best of all, he’s included some of his incredible photographs in the first post, none of which have ever seen the light of day outside of his book.

Steve Jobs Lunch

The photo you see above was taken during a during a formal lunch at an abandoned factory where Ross Perot decided to invest $20 million into the company and join its board of directors. There are several more where that came from, and this is just the first of several stories Menuez plans to share.

Be sure to keep an eye on his Storehouse account for more stories soon.