One of the most iconic parts of HBO’s Game of Thrones — besides nudity and brutality — is the Iron Throne that the king sits upon when ruling Westeros. Although it looks impressive on your television set, George R.R. Martin says it’s all wrong.

During a panel Sunday evening at the 92Y in New York City to promote his new book, “The World of Ice & Fire,” Martin explained that no one seems to ever get the throne right.

“There were comic book versions, and there were versions in the card game and the board game, and there were versions on the cover [of books], and there were versions that were done for conventions,” Martin explained. “The very first … there was a wooden one that I sat on in 1996 … but none of them were ever really right.”

In the books, Martin describes The Iron Throne as “Huge.”

“It towers over the room like a great beast. And it’s ugly. It’s asymmetric. It’s put together by blacksmiths not by craftsmen and experts in furniture manufacturing,” Martin explains. “You have to walk the iron steps and when a king sits on it he’s like 10 feet above everybody else … He’s in this raised position looking down on everyone.”

Martin worked with French artist Marc Simonetti for the book “The World of Ice and Fire,” and this is how the Iron Throne supposed to look like:

George R.R. Martin’s new book “The World of Ice & Fire” will be released Oct. 28. Read more of what Martin had to say over at Business Insider.

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