Apple’s most recent OS X desktop, the 27-inch iMac with Retina display is already available for purchase and has been praised in many reviews so far for its amazing display, even though most regular users might not find any actual use for a 5,120 x 2,880 screen just yet. However, to further show how much the Mac evolved in its 30 years, Kent Akgungor posted two overlapping images on Things of Interest that show the original Mac’s display resolution on top of the current Retina iMac’s screen resolution.

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The original Apple Macintosh shipped with a black and white 512 x 342-pixel display in 1984, Akgungor reminds us. Since then, Apple has increased the pixel resolution of its Mac displays from 175,000 pixels (original Mac) all the way up to 14.7 million (Retina iMac) — an $8,400 increase.

“80 of the original Macintosh displays fit within a single Retina 5K display,” he added. “That tiny black-and-white rectangle crammed into the bottom-left corner [see full image below] was cutting-edge technology three decades ago.”

The full comparison of these two very different displays is available below (click to view the photo at full size).

imac-vs-macImage Source: Things of Interest