For years, Apple has been doing everything in its power to make Apple Maps the app of choice for traveling iPhone owners. Unfortunately, it’s not always the most reliable companion, which is why Apple is putting the power to edit its service into the hands of small business owners. Apple Maps Connect allows businesses to add content directly into the mapping service free of charge straight from their browsers.

In order to access the service, a business owner or an authorized representative of the business needs to log in to the Apple Maps Connect website with an Apple ID and password. A prompt to ‘Add My Business’ will appear, beginning a multi-step process in which you can add the name, location, category and hours of operation for the business.

On the last slide, owners are given the option to add their websites and social media accounts as well.

Search Engine Land notes that the listing could show up on Apple Maps within a week or less depending on whether or not there are any issues with the application. Apple says there are anti-fraud security measures to ensure no one is adding fake businesses, but did not discuss these in detail.

Maps Connect is currently only available in the U.S., but Apple plans to bring the service to more countries soon.