Apple is far from launching its first smartwatch in stores, but once it starts selling its various Apple Watch models it might not brag with sales numbers as it usually does with its most popular products. Specifically, Business Insider points out that the Apple Watch won’t have its own product category, at least when it comes to announcing quarterly results, as the device will be part of a category of devices that also includes the Apple TV and iPods.

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The Apple TV is a “hobby” product for the company, but one that sells rather well, whereas iPod sales have been on the decline for quite some time.

Various reports preceding the Apple Watch’s announcement revealed that analysts expect Apple to sell millions of smartwatches in its first year, but Apple won’t share any of that data with its quarterly results.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the company’s earnings call with analysts on Monday that Apple doesn’t want to share Apple Watch sales with rivals. Many other companies already sell plenty of smartwatches in stores, but they’re far from being successful must-have gadgets. And those companies also don’t share any smartwatch sales data at this point.

Apple will continue to report iPhone, iPad and Mac numbers in future financial disclosures, just as it did so far. Meanwhile, Apple rivals don’t always share smartphone sales data in quarterly reports, only acknowledging certain milestones for certain product families from time to time.