Remember when FXX played every episode of The Simpsons and we were all held hostage by our television sets? Well, good news: FXX has announced its “Simpsons World” app through FXNOW that will allow you to watch them all over again.

The app is named after Matt Groening’s 20th Anniversary book, “Simpsons World,” and FXX has been working hard on the development of it with Gracie Films and The Simpsons producers to create it. It will be available on Tuesday.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what the Simpsons World app will feature:

  • Every episode of The Simpsons ever made.
  • Recently aired episodes will be added the day after air.
  • You can make Simpsons playlists or use ones that are already provided by the app.
  • The search function will help you find an episode if you don’t know exactly which episode you want to watch (character names, guest stars, characters, etc.).
  • Available only to cable subscribers.
  • It’s available on all devices.

We can’t wait to download this app the second it comes out. But this comes at great risk to our free time. Check out the image below to get a preview of the Simpsons World app.

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