This year, Apple and Samsung will compete for the first time ever for phablet buyers’ attention. Apple launched its first 5.5-inch phablet on September 19th, while Samsung followed almost a month later with its fourth-generation big-screen Galaxy Note model. 9to5Mac took a closer look at both the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 4 by highlighting their main features in an extended video.

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Each phone has advantages and disadvantages that buyers should be aware of before purchasing a large smartphone, but the iPhone 6 Plus vs. Galaxy Note 4 battle is expected to be fierce this Christmas shopping season.

So far, Apple has enjoyed record sales according to its own estimates, selling well over 10 million combined iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units — and that number may have passed over 40 million following the China launch, according to unofficial estimates. Samsung on the other hand, plans to sell some 15 million Galaxy Note 4 units in the first month of sales alone, according to estimates coming from an unnamed exec.

A comparison between the iOS-running iPhone 6 Plus and the Android-based Galaxy Note 4 isn’t easy to make, but the video below does a nice job explaining the design and hardware of each device, demoing one-handed operations on each handset, performing camera tests for both the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 4, and also focusing on the software differences between the two.

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