It was just days ago that technology fans the world over were growing increasingly concerned about the tendency of their expensive electronics to bend out of shape, but Samsung appears to have found a way to make flexibility a feature rather than a bug. Tizen Indonesia reports that the SDI branch of Samsung’s R&D department unveiled a flexible battery for wearable devices at this year’s InterBattery exhibition in South Korea this week.

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According to the report, the batteries are so flexible that you can actually roll one up and it will still be perfectly functional. A flexible design would give Samsung the ability to place larger batteries inside very small devices, possibly extending their battery life and making the wearable field a bit more attractive for skeptical consumers.

Don’t be looking for flexible batteries in your Apple Watch or Gear S though — Samsung says the technology won’t be ready for mass production any time soon. If everything goes accordingly, the first commercial units could be available within the next three years.