It seems like people in their mid-20s and younger can no longer communicate using conventional methods such as… typing words. Instead, they string together surprisingly complex thoughts using only emoji, the tiny ideograms that first became popular in Japan and then spread across the globe like wildfire. There are already hundreds of tiny faces, people, animals, objects and more in the ever-growing emoji library, but what happens when you need to express more specific emotions with emoji?

As it turns out, Conan O’Brien has the perfect solution.

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With the help of his shockingly expressive co-host Andy Richter, Conan took some time on a recent episode of his late-night TBS talk show to invent some new emoji for those times when you have a very specific thought or emotion that simply can’t be easily conveyed through traditional emoji use. Of course, we all know that actually typing out words is no longer an option.

Things like “I’m happy” and “I’m surprised” are easy to convey with standard emoji, but what about “I think that’s Bradley Cooper at the next table” or “I can’t get enough of these Girl Scout cookies”? And so, Conan’s new segment called “Andy, the Human Emoji” was born.

The full video is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.