Google will release the final Android L build in a few weeks, likely alongside new Nexus hardware, and current Nexus 5 owners now have one more reason to be excited about the upcoming Android update, other than enjoying Android L’s new features and gorgeous Material Design.

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As Android Police reports, Google has finally patched the Nexus 5 camera bug that drains the battery of the handset, after promising to fix the issue back in March.

A Googler has marked the issue as “future release” in the AOSP issue tracker, the publication reports, which means the fix will be released once Android L is ready for commercial release.

The fix is specific to the Nexus 5 camera-related battery drain problem, Android Police adds, meaning that if you see a “mm-qcamera-daemon” process draining the battery on a non-Nexus 5 device, it’s likely Google’s fix won’t work on that device as well.