As first reported by The Information, Google is testing a new try-before-you-download feature for apps that will let your try an app and not waste all that time, battery and data-usage downloading it. This feature will allow Android users to test out apps faster and then buy the ones they only find worthwhile. It’s similar to demoing a video game before you decide to make a purchase, but with trial apps on Google Play.

“Now Google is considering ways to let consumers try out new apps without downloading them in full, something that could save people time and data-usage on their mobile phone plans as well as lead to more downloads, according to a person involved in the discussions about the technology,” The Information reports. “The approach could be especially useful in developing countries where people have less money to spend on app downloads using their mobile connection.”

It’s still unclear how this feature would work, but the publication claims that users would get only part of the application to decide if they want it. They would not get the full features of the entire app.

For mobile users with restricted data limits, or people that don’t have the money to purchase numerous apps, this type of feature would be very useful indeed.

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