As we get older, you tend to have more and more bills that can sometimes go unpaid. It’s not because you don’t have the money, it’s because there are so many bills that you have to pay, you may forget one or two of them. That’s why Google on Tuesday has highlighted a fantastic Google Now feature that will help you remember those pesky forgotten bills.

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Google just posted this helpful information for users to help them remember if they paid their bills, and a step-by-step guide on how to take advantage of this feature on Google Now.

“When you can’t remember whether you’ve paid your bills — or you simply can’t remember how much money you need to pay — you can now just ask Google,” the company writes. “Tap the mic on the Google app ( and say, ‘Show me my bills’ or ‘My bills due this week.’ If you have the payment due date and amount in your Gmail, you’ll see a quick summary of upcoming and past bills.”

This Google Now feature will help a lot of people whether they have large bills like a mortgage or car payment or small ones like a gym membership or pet insurance. You can head on over to Google to learn more about the app, or if you have an Android device, just follow the directions above to get started and see if you may have missed a bill.

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