It’s hard to argue that the Moto 360 isn’t the best looking smartwatch on the market. Whether or not it’s a case of style over substance, Motorola was one of the first vendors to introduce a wearable device that actually managed to excite the general public. Unlike Google Glass, the Moto 360 could almost be mistaken for a regular timepiece at a glance, but Motorola wants to prove it’s much more than just a watch.

In the first ever advertisement for the Moto 360, Motorola unsurprisingly focuses on the device’s design. The commercial begins with sketches of the Moto 360, transitioning to 3D models, in-progress manufacturing and the final product, which Motorola notes is “finely crafted with stainless steel.” Other bullet points scroll by, highlighting the smartwatch’s scratch-resistant glass and leather bands.

The finished product finally makes an appearance, immediately notifying the user of a text message he received from his friend Amy, who wants to meet in Trafalgar Square. With a quick “Ok Google,” the Moto 360 owner is given directions to his destination without ever having to take out his phone or press a single button.

Watch the full “Choose Moto 360” ad below: