Look, the iPhone 6 Plus has a lot going for it. Its battery is like, so much better than the iPhone 5s. The camera is even better than the iPhone 6! And the screen! Holy screen! But there is one big problem here… most of you just picked it because it was the “better” and more expensive option. You’re all probably like, “Yeah this is great, larger phone, I can do more. Bigger is better. AMERICA! Cheese fries with extra grease!”

I think there’s a good chance that over half of you that ordered the iPhone 6 Plus are going to end up returning it for the iPhone 6, which is already substantially larger than the iPhone 5s. I don’t think there is anything materially wrong with the iPhone 6 Plus, and it can work for a bunch of people, but a lot of you aren’t going to be able to hang. You can also see reasonably accurate dimensions by printing this out and comparing them in your own hands.

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