Apple on Tuesday unveiled two new iPhone models and two brand new Apple products, including Apple Pay and Apple Watch, generating a huge reaction on every major social network on the planet. Zeroing in on one in particular, Twitter recently shared some very interesting data from its @TwitterData account. Just like the company did with other major events, the reaction can be easily observed on a map of the world that analyzes the locations of all tweets mentioning Apple’s new products.

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In addition to showing the increased number of #AppleLive tweets as the event progress, the map has also looked at what kind of products the tweets mentioned, providing a color code for each of Apple’s new announcements: blue for iPhone 6, red for Apple Watch and green for Apple Pay. In other words, it’s extremely easy to see how Twitter reacted at the exact moments these new products were unveiled.

A screenshot of the Twitter reaction to Apple’s announcement can be seen above, but the full, interactive Twitter reaction map is available at the source link below.