Anyone considering picking up a smartwatch in the near future is keeping a close eye on the Moto 360, but LG is doing everything it can to get the attention of potential customers. In fact, after launching a solid contender in the G Watch earlier this summer, LG went straight back to the drawing board in order to build an even more competitive entry for later in the year. Now, as Motorola waits to detail its own smartwatch, the G Watch R has already been dated for October 14th.

According to The Wall Street Journal, LG announced the release date at IFA 2014 on Thursday, but was not prepared to discuss pricing or availability. One LG spokesman did say that the G Watch R will cost more than the original G Watch.

LG’s G Watch R, which has been in development for two years, will feature a round 1.3-inch plastic OLED display, 512MB of RAM and will run on the latest version of Android Wear — possibly the 2.0 update if recent reports are to be believed. There will also be a wide variety of interchangeable wristbands for the G Watch R when it launches next month.

Thanks to Motorola’s inscrutable silence in regards to the Moto 360, LG has taken the headlines for the day, but we’ll have to wait until both smartwatches launch to see who comes out on top.