As has been detailed in recent reports, the white Xbox One console is very much real and now Microsoft has confirmed at Gamescom 2014 that its white console will ship with a special white gamepad, Engadget reports.

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The white Xbox One can already be preordered starting at $399.99, although it’ll only ship in October when it launches as a part of the special Sunset Overdrive bundle, and not anytime sooner. The console still packs a 500GB hard drive, just like the black model, and doesn’t have any other special features.

It’s not clear at this time whether a white Xbox One with Kinect bundled up will also be available in stores later this year, as Microsoft has only confirmed the cheaper Kinect-free white Xbox One so far.

Microsoft has also announced a special Xbox One version during its press event, the Call of Duty Xbox One bundle that’ll ship with 1TB of storage for $499.99 – again, this is a Kinect-free version.

An image showing the white version of Microsoft’s newest console follows below.