Apple on Monday released iOS 8 beta 5, which can be installed right away on any supported iOS device that’s also registered with a developer account. However, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users who want to experience the latest iOS 8 beta don’t need to have access to a developer account to do so, BestTechInfo reveals, as a way to unofficially install the beta on an iOS device still exists – similarly, all previous iOS 8 beta versions had this particular “feature.”

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The procedure is rather straightforward, and users should be able to easily install iOS 8 beta 5 on their devices by following the available instructions. However, BGR strongly advises against installing any unofficial software such as iOS 8 beta 5 on devices that aren’t registered with Apple developer accounts. Because iOS 8 is still in beta, certain errors are to be expected, and certain features may not work properly on devices that shouldn’t be running the iOS 8 beta version in the first place.

Going back to a stable version of iOS – iOS 7.1.2 in this case – is possible. And Apple’s latest stable iOS release can still be jailbroken.

A video showing you how iOS 8 beta 5 can be installed on devices without a developer account follows below.