After a report last week suggested that the Moto 360 may not have the build quality some expect – the report said the smartwatch will be made of plastic, and will be rather bulky to accommodate wireless charging support – a new series of detailed Moto 360 pictures has surfaced from famed leaker @evleaks that somewhat contradict that story.

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The new images show the wearable computer from various angles, and seem to suggest the smartwatch will have a body made of metal that’s going to be quite slim, at least when compared to the watch band.

While Samsung and LG started selling the first Android Wear smartwatches more than a month ago, Motorola has yet to announce any launch dates for the Moto 360 or to reveal the full specs sheet for the smartwatch.

The Moto 360 was seen in the wild recently, with a tester revealing certain details about the smartwatch to a person who recognized the device.

Moto 360 images as shown by @evleaks follow below, with more pictures available at the source link.