The rear iPhone 6 shell which has appeared in various reports so far has leaked yet again, as YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice has apparently scored a copy of the component directly from a manufacturer. In a short video, iCrackUriDevice goes over all the design changes expected for the iPhone 6, including the phone’s thin profile, relocated power button, iPod touch-like volume rockers, round corners, redesigned antennas on the back, and increased size of the device, while comparing it to last year’s flagship iPhone model, the iPhone 5s.

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The component is similar to other iPhone 6 rear shell leaks, and is consistent with what the many iPhone 6 dummy units have revealed about the device when it comes to design elements.

The leaked part also indicates that Apple will use a different kind of logo on its next iPhone models, rather than the metal one that’s embedded in the case of previous-generation devices, which is something other recent reports have claimed. However, the metal case does not have the “iPhone” name printed on the back, suggesting this isn’t a final version.

The full video showing this new iPhone 6 leak follows below.