Motorola is really starting to turn things around now, and its reversal of smartphone fortunes has had absolutely nothing to do with sexy high-end flagship smartphones. Instead, Motorola is attacking the low end with dirt-cheap smartphones that are sleek, stylish and surprisingly capable. It already has several great entry-level and mid-range models available in key regions around the world, and now Motorola’s next big smartphone launch may have just been spoiled by a newly leaked photo.

As hinted at by the subtle watermark, Android fan blog Mallando no Android on Monday published a photo of what it claims to be Motorola’s upcoming second-generation Moto G smartphone. The device, which is currently being referred to as the Moto G2, reportedly features the model number XT 1068 and a design that is quite similar to the current Moto G.

According to the post, Moto G2 specs include a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, a 720p display with a pixel density of 320 pixels per inch, dual SIM support and an 8-megapixel rear camera.

No release timing or pricing were revealed in the report.

The leaked image follows below.