Foxconn has recently confirmed that it plans to deploy a fleet of robots in some of its factories to work on products for Apple, but the “Foxbots” will not be able to replace its human workforce just yet. Quoting a report from Chinese site UDN, G for Games says that robots will only play a supporting role in building devices such as the iPhone 6, as they won’t be able to perform certain tasks that require more subtle assembly or manufacturing procedures.

The robots will be able to automate certain tasks, like tightening screws, placing larger components in position or polishing certain components, but assembly of internal hardware components, a more laborious and delicate process that requires extreme precision, will be left to human employees.

Foxconn confirmed that it plans to use around 10,000 Foxbots, with each machine capable of handling 30,000 iPhone units per year.

In addition to expanding its robot fleet, Foxconn is also on an iPhone 6-related hiring spree, according to recent reports, which claim that both Foxconn and Pegatron look to add more employees to handle massive Apple iPhone demand this year.